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Published on 08 Feb 2018 / In Mexican Food

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My family absolutely loves this Tex-Mex style dish. Just to get your expectations in order, you wont exactly be eating this 10 minutes after you get to work, but I promise it can be prepared in 10 minutes (or less!) and then it takes just 1 hands-free hour to bake. And trust me, its well worth the 1 hour wait.

My mom, Gail, actually got this recipe from her good friend Angie, who was born in Mexico (my mom was such great friends with Angie that I used to call her Aunt Angie). When I was growing up wed always go to Aunt Angies house for holidays and this was one of her signature dishes, so it reminds me a lot of special memories and what my childhood tasted like. Ive tweaked it a bit to make it a smidgen healthier but it was really pretty healthy from the start (still, I cant help myself from tweaking just about every recipe!) Made from whole food ingredients and rich in protein, calcium and antioxidants---including lycopene---this is authentic Mexican food you can feel good about eating! The ingredients are also very basic and easy to find. The most exotic thing to locate is the canned chopped green chiles (which add a fabulous mild heated fruity-smoky flavor). The chopped green chiles are available in the ethnic section of your supermarket and very easy to locate. Do go the extra mile to look for organic cheese and organic, free-range eggs. I also suggest using organic tomato sauce (its easy to find and it really doesnt cost that much more than the conventional stuff).

Sometimes I serve this Mexican Egg Casserole for weekend breakfast/ brunch and sometimes I make it as an appetizer. We even eat it on meat-free dinner nights along with sprouted whole grain corn tortillas (look for Food for Life brand) and a side spinach salad.

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