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Published on 07 Feb 2018 / In Thai Food

Thai Basil Vegetarian Fried Rice is a delicious preparation of rice that is made spicy with thai red chillies. This is a dish that can be incorporated with a variety of flavors with lots of room for experimentation and adaptation.

I have tailored this dish to suit the palates that my family likes. The use of Thai Red chillies and Thai Basil Leaves is an absolute must has this really kicks up the heat and flavor of the dish. You can serve the Thai Basil Fried Rice along with Malaysian Vegetable Curry for dinner or as a party food with friends and family.

You can experiment with vegetables, mushrooms, scrambled eggs, pineapple or any other ingredient. I typically use a short grain rice for making asian rice. Since Jasmine sticky rice is not readily available in the Indian markets, I used a regular short grain rice to make this dish. This is a great handy dish, as it can be prepared from left over rice. if you have the sauces in stock, you can throw in some vegetables, stir fry in the wok and viola your rice is ready.

Recipe link - http://www.archanaskitchen.com..../thai-basil-vegetari can also visit my website for 1000's of recipes from india and around the world.
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