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Published on 07 Feb 2018 / In Chinese food recipes

Hi everyone, this is Sunny. Welcome to my channel, SunnyInTheKitchen. I'm sooo excited to share my very first cooking video with you all. SUBSCRIBE if you like it.

This Sweet&Sour pork ribs is a traditional Chinese dish (but different from the ones you can get in American Chinese restaurants). My grandfather always cooked for me when I was little. Hope you like it.

1 lb port ribs
3 slice ginger
2 pieces of star anise
1 tbsp Chinese cooking wine
2 tbsp light soy sauce
3 tbsp vinegar
4 tbsp sugar (preferably crystal sugar, I just ran out)
1/4 tsp white sesame
A few pieces of cilantro

For the sauce that I mentioned:
1)Cooking wine: Hua Tiao Cooking Wine (any brand should be good)
2) Light soy sauce: Lee Kum Kee Premium soy sauce (any brand should be good. I always change brand as well. Just make sure it's light soy sauce. You should find words生抽 on the bottle)
3) Vinegar: Zhenjiang Vinegar (any brand should be good)

Finally, I want to thank MusicMelody and Audio Lounge Music for the awesome music that was put in the video.

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