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Published on 07 Feb 2018 / In Drinks

With the Super Bowl around the corner, it just wouldn't be right if we didn't make Patriots-themed and Eagles-themed drinks for this week's episode. We've got two VERY on trend Super Bowl drinks that we're positive no one will have at their Super Bowl Party. Plus, we're sharing some of our favorite Super Bowl drinking games that you can enjoy with your friends during the dame!

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Patriots Super Bowl Drink
New England Oyster Shooters
-Cocktail sauce
-Citrus Vodka
-Tobasco sauce
-Lemon wedges

Top your oyster with a splash of citrus vodka, cocktail sauce, tobasco and a hit of lemon juice and shoot before the game for good luck to your favorite team: The Patriots!

Eagles Super Bowl Drink
Fish House Punch (makes a large batch)
-2 cups Jamaican Rum
-1 cup Cognac
-1 cup Simple Syrup
-1/2 cup Peach Schnapps
-1 cup bottled or fresh Lemon Juice

Mix all ingredients in a punch bowl (or follow our video recipe for 2 giant drinks) and add ice. Serve to your guests all night long while you root on your favorite team: The Eagles!

Super Bowl Drinking Games

Before the game…
Beer pong
Drunk Uno
Draw 2 - 1 shot
Draw 4 - 2 shots
Skip - person who is skipped takes a shot
Reverse - Person reversed on takes a shot
False UNO - take 1 shot
Kings - Anthem Over/Under
Tipsy Toss - if your team loses the coin toss, take a shot

Pass is……
“A” game
Puppy Bowl
Tom Brady Super Bowl Rings
Tom Brady retirement conspiracy

Take a drink when…
Challenge flag is thrown
Your team gets a penalty
The quarterback is sacked
Missed field goal
Penalty for showboating

Chug when…
Touchdown - 6 seconds
Field goal - 3 seconds
Safety - 2 seconds
2-point conversion - 2 seconds
Extra point - 1 second

Take a sip when you see…
Budweiser commercial
Bad commercial plays
Sexual commercial plays
Aerial view of the arena

Chug when…
Someone in the room cries because of a commercial

Halftime Show
Take a drink when…
Someone asks who’s performing
Someone whines about JT performing
Fireworks go off
Costume change
Part of the stage moves
New song begins

Chug when…
There’s a wardrobe malfunction

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