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Published on 07 Feb 2018 / In Italian Food

Spaghetti vongole is a simple dish PACKED with flavour. Bursting with all of the colours of Italy, this seafood pasta combines juicy cherry tomatoes, parsley and garlic with one of the most flavoursome shellfish in the Adriatic sea – Vongole. (Don’t underestimate the flavours of these tiny morsels!)
Linguine Clams Recipe, one of my favorite seafood pasta.

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Linguine pasta 500g
White wine
1 clove of garlic (finely chopped)
500g vongole (Pipi’s)
Extra virgin olive oil
8-10 cherry tomatoes
Pinch of rock salt
Sprinkle of pepper
Generous amount of fresh parsley

1 x large saucepan
1 x 5L large pot
Sharp knife
Wooden spoon

1. Boil 5L of water in a large pot in preparation for your spaghetti vongole.
2. Turn the stove on to a medium/high heat and add a generous amount of extra virgin olive oil.
3. Once the oil has begun to warm, add the finely chopped garlic and simmer until it starts to change colour.
4. Add the vongole into the pan and stir well. Then add a glass of white wine and let it simmer.

VINCENZO’S PLATE TIP: Be careful not to get burnt when adding in the wine as when it hits the oil in the pan, there might be a small burst of steam!

5. Leave the vongole to simmer in the pan until they begin to open. If they don’t open in the middle, it normally means they are not good to eat.
6. Next, add 8-10 cherry tomatoes diced in half – the juicier, the better! Stir through well.
7. Squeeze half a lemon into the pan, and then add a pinch of rock salt and pepper, then mix.
8. Add a generous amount of fresh parsley (chopped) and let it simmer so all the juices and flavours infuse the vongole shells.
9. Once the water has boiled in the large pot, add the pasta linguine and leave it to cook based on the packet instructions (al dente is always best!).
10. When the cherry tomatoes have softened and the liquids have started to evaporate, the dish is almost ready.
11. Strain the pasta once it has cooked to your liking and add it to the pan (on a low heat).
12. Mix the pasta well so that it soaks up the delicious liquids and flavours from your sauce.

E ora si mangia, Vincenzo’s Plate…Enjoy!


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- Cameraman: Andrea Aceto
- Photographer: Ivan Di Vanto

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Re-Watch the Spaghetti Vongole video recipe: https://youtu.be/2X_Of4SWBwc

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