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Published on 07 Feb 2018 / In Italian Food

This week it's back to making some great Italian food by request by my number #1 fan in England and her name is Mirella Blaise! She found me some time back and now is like I said my #1 fan! So this week is Pasta Recipes! I am making Linguine With Clams! This is not your usual run of the mill Linguine With Clams recipes in where it's just made in red, white or aioli sauces. This is multi leveled flavor with textures and really great aromas! Give this Linguine With Clams recipe a shot and make it your own I am sure you will enjoy it! You can find the recipe below! Enjoy!

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2 Tbsp. salt for the pasta water.
1 Cup dry white wine. I used Pinot Grigio which is not to dry to say.
8+ Fillets of anchovies or more if desired.
3 Tbsp. extra virgin olive oil.
2 Tbsp. unsalted butter.
3/4 Cup fire roasted red bell pepper. I made mine fresh but you can use jarred.
1 or 2 Garlic cloves per serving of this dish. Figure 1 or 2 per person being served.
3 Tbsp. finely chopped shallot. If you don't have shallot any kind of onion will do in a pinch.
1 Cup whole basil leaves with stems removed and coarsely chopped.
2 Tsp. Crushed oregano bulbs.
1 or 2 Tbsp. Crushed red pepper flakes. 1 Tbsp. for flavor or 2 Tbsp. for a little heat.
1 14.5 can of San Marzano or plumb tomatoes hand crushed.
1 Lb. Frozen/defrosted whole clams wild caught. Fresh in the shell is good to if you have it.
4 Ounces of clam juice.
Black pepper to taste.
Lemon wedges to squeeze on top of pasta if desired.
Any kind of Italian cheese as a topping if desired. I used Gorgonzola! My fave!


Fill a large pot with 8 or more quarts of water.
Bring to boil and add 2 Tbsp. salt and stir until salt dissolves.
Now add your pasta and cook until al dente.
In a large saute' pan over medium heat add your olive oil and butter and melt the butter gently.
Add your anchovy fillets to the oil and butter mixture and mash them up into the mixture.
Add your garlic, shallots and saute' until golden brown.
Add your wine, tomatoes and juice, roasted bell peppers and simmer 1 to 2 minutes.
Add your fresh basil now and mix in until the leave wilt and soften a bit about a minute or so.
Add your oregano and stir well into the sauce.
Add your clam juice now and mix into the sauce well.
Add some red pepper flakes now if desired.
Now one or two minutes before serving add your clams and lower heat to medium low and simmer your clams. You want them to be cooked and soft and not cooked and rubbery. Also you have a couple of options on how to serve this dish.
Option 1 is to add your cooked pasta into your saute and mix it all together and then to plate the pasta one at a time.
Option 2 is to place all of your pasta on a large serving tray or charger and then to pour your clam sauce on top of the pasta and present the linguine with clams recipe to your guests to be eaten family style!
Option 3 is to just put a portion of pasta on each plate and then spoon sauce onto each plate individually and serve your guests this way.
No matter which way you decide to serve this dish don't forget to add your Italian cheese on top if you desire and Mangiare Bene!

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