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ox tail soup recipe

ox tail soup

ox tail soup
1 kilogramme ox tail in disks
60 grammes butter
1 kilogramme beef with bone
1 medium carrot grof chopped
1 laurel sheet
4 eetlepels of parsley chopped
2 litres water or managing of the soups
6 black pepper grains
2 onions, grof chopped
2 celery-at-yellow, grof chopped
2 potatoes cut in cubes
8 eetlepels of peeled barley
ox tail strips of redundant and wash. Hot butter in a large pan. Joint ox tail, beef, carrot, laurel booklet and parsley. Barge until bud out pale brown is. Joint water or soup, salts and the pepper grains. Hours brings the mixture to cooks, tempers to fire and lets it covered 2 up to 3 simmer. The mixture lets cool down something and screen it. Obtain the flesh of bud out and return it in the soup. Throw away the detritus. Joint onions, celery, potato and peeled barley. The soup covered still 30 minus lets simmer, to the vegetables and barley done to be.
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