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low calories ice cream

Ice cream parfait low calories

low calories_parfait_ice_cream

Ice cream parfait belongs to the ice cream that contain many calories and most avoid it considering it too "heavy". This is not far from reality as the ice cream parfait is actually very fattening and contains enough calories (not to mention the extra calories that adds chocolate ice cream - ice cream to chocolate parfait) ... The rich and indescribable flavor but is more rewarding and somewhat balancing the calories it contains :-)
Below is a recipe for chocolate ice cream parfait that is fairly easy to implement and does not require the use of ice cream! There are also required intermediate shocks / shuffles during freezing crystals as they are created! In addition, the ice cream contains no eggs!

* 1 can sweetened milk
* 700 ml thick cream (with as many fat)
* 100 ml fresh milk
* 200 gr dark chocolate
* 100 gr chopped almonds (optional)
* 1/2 tablespoon nes cafe far (optional)
* 2 tablespoons cognac / brandy / liqueur (optional)

1) Flush fresh milk and dark chocolate in a katsarolitsa and put the fire on low heat, stirring periodically.
2) Meanwhile, pour into a bowl of thick cream and beat with mixer on speed possible to get a stiff whipped cream. Add the brandy and instant coffee and beat with mixer for a while.
3) Once the chocolate has melted and homogenized with milk, withdraw the pan from the heat and let the milk-chocolate mixture to "cool" (ie room temperature).
4) Empty the sweetened milk and "cold" milk-chocolate mixture in blender and beat for 1 minute.
5) Then pour the mixture in the blender bowl with the cream and stir well. Add almonds and continue mixing.
6) Empty the mixture in an airtight metal bowl and place in freezer. After 10 hours the ice is ready for consumption. Reminded that they need to jump in between the ice and stir well krystalliazei not!

The amount of ice cream produced is around 2 liters.
The cream must have at least 30% fat. By hitting the cream should get a very tight cream (otherwise the ice cream will not succeed). Also do not use light milk at all.
The quantity of almonds to add is indicative. If we can add more almonds or other nuts (eg walnuts or peanuts). Also we may as well not to add nuts if you do not like.
The ice produced is relatively soft and can be kept in the freezer for a long time and has no eggs. We can serve our ice cream with crushed biscuit, syrup of your choice and whipped cream.
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