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chalaba Soup

chalaba Soup is a spanish soup

chalaba Soup

Explanation and ingredients:
two liters of water.
seven heads of fish tuna with its respective spines.
a soybean sauce small piece.
a onion.
two dozens of mussels.
a quarter of kilo of vermicelli internode.
four crabs.
four teeth of garlic.
a tomato.
salt and pepper to the pleasure.

Like preparing it:
It boils in two liters of water with the heads of fish, the spine, the crabs, mussels and sauce of soybean and the onion during half an hour. You do a dressing with oil, garlic onion and tomato. it adds the broth, vermicelli, mussels, and the pulp of the crabs. it ripens, it throws the parsley and perforated coriander and sirvela it warms up well.
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