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Xmas cake easy recipe

Xmas cake easy recipe

Xmas cake
750 gr dried fruit, a mixture
150 gr maraschino chirp
50 gr dried and chopped lemon peel (buy in nature shop)
dark rum, the recipe give 175 ml but taste then you not much
175 gr chopped notes (hazelnuts and almonds without velletje)
225 gr real butter
1 grated peel of a fresh lemon
225 gr dark brown sugar
4 whipped eggs
30 ml stroop, gerstemoutstroop or maple syrup (maple syrup)
225 gr flower
10 ml ground season (cinnamon)
normal start you to around 1 November

Knip the dried fruit in bits and removes the possible stones.
Reel the maraschino chirp finished, dab them and knip in bits.
Mix the fruit, chirp and the dried lemon peel.
Do 125 ml rum at the mixture; dek finished and late draws a night.

Myself do not measure rum finished but transvase everything to the onderstaat.

Rudder the butter to them gentle is and mixes by it the versgeraspte lemon peel.
Mix gradually sugar.
Rudder the whipped eggs quietly.
Rudder the stroop.
Screen the flour and joint the kruiden. Scoop half of the flour by the mixture.
Scoop the notes and afterwards the fruit.
Joint the rest of the flour.

I use then a fireproof dish, inboteren and hold with double a low barge paper.
Scoop the mixture.
In a heated furnace put, 150° during 2.5 up to 3 hours.
If the cake too bruin becomes, leg then a booklet barge paper.
Puncture with a punch and if that neat remains is the cake ready once.

When the cake is baked, puncture then at the top with the punch and transvases pricks with rum.
The cake leaves during 1 hour in the form; obtain him then and lets cool down on a wire diagrid. Remove dirty barge paper.
If the cake has cooled down (nachtje) package him then well in, twice kruisgewijs with barge paper and twice kruisgewijs with aluminium foil.
Keep the cake at a dry land, cold place. Do not freeze, the aroma must be able penetrate.

Two days for you serves the cake.
Smeer the cake with apricot preserve or with honey.
Role a bundle marzipan to a considerable rag and held the cake, experience have me learned that it, however, 500 gr can marzipan be, the surplus have nevertheless never lost.
Then geconfijt fruit transvase with white icing or sugar glaze, decorate with notes or chirp, or.
Button a beautiful red ribbon.

Instead of cinnamon you can use also speculaaskruiden.
The marzipan to knead be warm hands still the bests.
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