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Wellington Tenderloin recipe

Wellington Tenderloin

Wellington Tenderloin is an amazing dish made another season in honor of the English Marshal Wellington in such a way that the food you do not have much trouble, but garnishes that will further our difficult life. This is a beef or beef fillet smeared with a sauce of mushrooms and foie letters and wrapped in buttery puff pastry. But let's take things in turn. Ingredients for 6 people
2 sheets prepared puff pastry
1 beef or beef tenderloin whole weight of approximately 1 ½ kg
600 g wild mushrooms, preferably, but if you do not find at least 2 species cultured (champignon de paris, plerotous, Porto Belo)
200 grams bloc de foie gras
1 cup of fresh butter tea
1 small onion grated
1 pinch nutmeg
1 wineglass white wine
salt and freshly ground pepper

Chop mushrooms and saute with the onion in a pan with half butter. The switch off with white wine, add the nutmeg, salt and pepper. Let them boil until all liquid absorbed in gently and completely dry the pan. Put them on a platter and let it wait.

Saute the fillets in a large skillet with remaining butter from all sides until well browned all over and darken. The salt and pepper and a touch plate to sourosei fluids.

Take 1 sheet of puff pastry and spread on a smooth surface. Spread the foie gras 2 fingers leaving gaps around the periphery of the sheet. Upon foie gras Spread mushrooms. In the center of the sheet and place onto the mushrooms over the steak. Wrap the tenderloin in the pastry, creating a roll, wetting the edges with little water to stick. Place fillets in a pan with the union of puff downward missing. On the second sheet of puff pastry and using a very sharp knife cut thin strips and decorate the roll by placing them on the diagonal as Baklava.

Cook to 180 degrees for ½ hour with the pan covered with foil. Remove the foil and bake even ½ hours until golden brown and become a golden puff pastry. Allow to chliarepsei and using a very sharp knife cut it into thick slices 1 / 100. Serve on plates garnished with a candied chestnuts, baked or chipped potatoes.

Wellington tenderloin can be cooked a long time before serving, and after a mild heat oven to cut and served.
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