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Vegetarian food recipes

Vegetarian foods increase their fans day by day

Vegetarian eating a healthy eating.
Aardappel-gnocchi with tomato champignonsaus Aardappel-gnocchi with tomato champignonsaus easy recipe
artichokes ala polita 
Asparagus rolls Asparagus rolls,(crepes with asparagus and sauce).
Beans Piaget recipe Beans Piaget recipe
Broth of palomino and vegetables Broth of palomino and vegetables
Cauliflower cape recipe Cauliflower cape recipe
Cocktail of green and white asparagus Cocktail of green and white asparagus
Couscous and Vegetables  
curry dish with fruit curry dish with fruit
Fresh beans with garlic sauce food recipe Fresh beans with garlic sauce is a healthy plate to eat and enjoy food
Homemade Pate of mushrooms recipe Homemade Pate of mushrooms
Leeks and potatoes in the oven recipe Leeks and potatoes in the oven easy and healthy food to eat
Lentils to curry Prescription of lentils to curry in the vegetable category.
Marinated peppers Prescription of peppers marinated in the category of vegetables and vegetables.
Paper Recipe from Spanish cuisine  Paper Recipe from Spanish cuisine
Patato pie with leeks recipes Patato pie with leeks easy recipe that will help your diet
Pate of green olives recipe Pate of green olives
Pie of asparagus and carrots Pie of asparagus and carrots
Piperade Piperade - a recipe from France for piperade
Pork with sauerkraut recipe Pork with sauerkraut recipe to enjoy
Pottage Pottage,very easy and healthy soup.
Puff pastry with mushroom easy Puff pastry with mushroom easy recipes
RED BEANS grass easy recipe RED BEANS grass easy recipe
Red cabbage with appeltjes food recipe Red cabbage with appeltjes
Risotto with tomatoes Risotto with tomatoes
Small sticks of anchovy and cheese Prescription of small sticks of anchovy and cheese in the category of entrants.
Spanakopita (Spinach Pie) recipe Spanakopita (Spinach Pie) is an easy and healthy recipe
Swabian Kartoffelsalat  Swabian Kartoffelsalat easy recipe
Tomato bread recipe tomato bread
Tomatoes Provencal recipe Tomatoes Provencal recipe
Tomatos to the Mediterranean style recipe 
Vegetable burgers with BBQ sauce Lenten vegetable burgers with BBQ sauce
vegetable pizza eassy recipe vegetable pizza
Vegetables and sesame teriyaki recipe Here is how to prepere Vegetables and sesame teriyaki easy recipe
Vegetables meatballs Vegetables meatballs ,health food for vegetarians.
Warm potato salad recipe Cook easy and fast Warm potato salad recipe
Warm potato salad recipe Cook easy and fast Warm potato salad recipe
Zucchini stuffed with lemon sauce Zucchini is a recipe stuffed with lemon sauce easy recipe
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