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Tsourekia for Easter recipe

This Easter prepare the best Tsourekia recipe

2 pounds of flour can
• 200 gr. fresh yeast or 8 tablespoons dry
• 1 cup warm water (40 degrees Celsius)
• 3 1 / 2 cups sugar
• 1 teaspoon salt
• 1 tablespoon ground mahlepi or 1 1 / 2 teaspoon vanilla or maticha or 4 tablespoons chopped citrus zest
• 2 tablespoons vegetable oil
• 10 eggs
• 1 cup hot milk
• 1 1 / 4 cup butter, melted, hot

To make a successful, fluffy pastries, there are two secrets. Add butter to the end and not the parazymosete.
Dissolve the yeast in lukewarm water and add a little flour to get thick batter. Let carpeted in a warm place to rise. Put in a bowl mixing sugar, salt, spices and vegetable oil. Pour the hot milk and stir.
Add the eggs and Work the mixture with your hands, breaking the krokadia eggs. Add yeast and bloated Work with the hands, to mix with other materials. Take then the flour in installments and Work the mixture with your hands until you wet all the flour. Then, take the hot butter with handfuls you a little bit and throwing up in the dough, fold the number of times without the knead until you finish all the butter.
Do not wait n 'butter is completely absorbed before the next drop. There should be plagued much dough, if you want to get fluffy and Strut tsourakia.
The dough should be warm, soft, buttered.
The butter is absorbed and the dough inflates. Cover and leave in a warm and humid place, until doubled in volume (1 to 2 hours depending on environment). The dough is ready when pressing it gently with your finger, the imprint remains.
Without xanazymosete the dough, divide it and rolling pin with it thick laces. Knit three, in three plaits and aradiaste the pan in the oven, at a distance of one another. 4 are very thick plaits or 6 meters. Cover and leave to double in volume, 30 minutes or so.
Spread the surfaces krokadi, diluted with a little water and sprinkle them with Amigdalaki filet. Bake cakes at 200 degrees Celsius, 20 '- 25' depending on the thickness will give them. Caution, do not parapsisete because they dry very quickly. Store in the freezer, wrapped tightly in plastic bags.
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