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Traditional sweets (in syrup) recipes

Cook and taste traditional sweets in syrup and enjoy sweets; The best sweets recipes can be found

Traditional sweets in syrup recipes Traditional sweets (in syrup) recipes come from the old ages to make us enjoy taste. Traditional Sweets are tastes from heaven and last for a long time and can be served in an easy way anytime you wish.
Arab Pizza recipe Arab Pizza recipe is a not well know recipe but is taste and impresive
Dessert with carrot Dessert with carrot , is a very special sweet and very easy to make it.
Dessert with carrot Dessert with carrot,can stay for a year in syrup and serve anytime.
FILLET ALA CREME FILLET ALA CREME,with fresh cream and mushrooms.
Lamb Rogan Xosi Lamb Rogan Xosi
Strawberry Jam recipe Strawberry Jam easy recipe
Sweet with carrot Carrot in syrup,long time dessert.
Walnuts sweet(in syrup) Walnuts sweet- very tasty traditional sweet; we suggest to give a try
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