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Traditional cheese recipe

Traditional cheese

Traditional cheese ingredients 1 tin of baked
800 grams dough sheet
For the filling
400 gr hard feta
1 cup of coffee milk
4 eggs
coarsely ground pepper
1 cup of coffee oil spreads on the sheet

Prepare principle the filling. Place the feta in a large bowl and crush with a fork into small pieces. Pour in milk and mix well. Let the mixture for ½ hour in a cool place.

Meanwhile, beat the eggs and just past the half hour put them in cheese. Stir, add the coarsely ground pepper and allow the filling to wait.

Divide the sheet into two equal parts. Sprinkle a smooth surface with cornflour. Roll the first ball in hand so much as to cover the bottom of the pan, our walls and a little odd from the outside. Carefully put in well greased pan. With a brush in Grease well.

Pour in the filling to cover up the entire surface and Flatten with a fork. Wraps the leaf to fall onto the filling and cover it for a few centimeters.

Roll out the second sheet to a size that barely covers the pie us. Place it on top, the tidy around and with a fork, puncture the pie us in ten different places.

Score across the cake gently with a knife into portions. The Grease well with the remaining oil. Bake in the oven at 170 to the oven lit up and down and up the package to golden brown well for about 45-60 minutes.

Remove the left to chliarepsei, to cut into pieces and serve. No guard ever pie in refrigerator.

Tips 1. This service is as simple as pie in the world. It raises no additional intervention materials. Cheese, eggs, some milk and plenty of pepper. The only thing you can add richer flavor is 50-60 grams of fresh butter at room temperature, cut into cubes that will be put into the filling before you put the top sheet.
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