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Traditional Rice Pudding

A perfect Traditional Rice Pudding from Greece

Traditional Rice Pudding

# 800 grams of water.
# 200 grams candied rice.
# A little salt.
# 1 liter of milk.
# 220 grams of sugar.
# 1vanilia.
# 1/2 cup water.
# 3koutalies corn soup - flour.
# cinnamon


1. Boil the water with the rice that we wash and a little alataki stirring constantly.
2. Just beginning to ending hot water, add milk and sugar. Stir then u boil over medium heat being careful not to catch the pot, add the vanilla.
3. To this end we add 3 tablespoons of corn - flour dissolved in 1/2 cup water. Boil some more and remove from heat.
4. Put into bowls and sprinkle with cinnamon.

Even a few secrets

For a special flavor you can add raisins, orange zest and almonds
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