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Tortilla for fajitas our (Mexican)

fajitas (fajitas) we serve them with Mexican pies known as tortilla (tortillas)

How are the tortilla? We describe a way though somewhat more complex than others, gives the best tortilla. The materials we are for about a dozen ...

- Mix in a large Tupper, three cups flour, all purpose with two tablespoons of tea baking powder (baking powder) and a tea spoon of salt.
- Pour slowly one cup of warm water while stirring until the mixture takes us to form a pliable dough.
- We work our mix well with hands until the dough to stabilize further. Then pour in on a big wooden kitchen, or on the countertop and knead until smooth.
- Divide the dough into twelve isomers of our pieces and shaping them, turn them into twelve equal sized balls around. The cover with plastic wrap and leave for ten to five minutes to "relax" the dough.
- Then take each dough ball, separately, to strike lightly with the palm of plakoutsonontas with a thin, long, wooden rolling pin and slowly moves from center to edges, open it slowly until they get the size of the Arab pie (medium to large size) we use to kebab. Two or three times in the spreading of the dough, to lift up the timber, or the sink and extending the finger tips, such as up and down to make pizza dough. It is best to try to do our own tortilla minutes on paper.
- Bake the tortilla us on a large pan with aladoti surface, medium to low temperature in a large stove, or baking sheet type with aladoti also surface in an oven in which we heated to 375 degrees.
- In the beginning the baking pan, immediately appear on the dough fouskalitses. With a spatula press the kitchen onto the surface of the tortilla, carefully but firmly for about thirty seconds after turning the tortilla carefully and our cook on the other side for about twenty seconds. The fouskalitses on both side of each tortilla should get a golden color. Warning! The tortilla, we must necessarily remain soft, so it should not leave them to cook more than seconds. If we are going to get that color very quickly, or to dry very quickly, it means that we must lower the temperature. In terms of baking in the oven, let them cook a little longer than the pan, but make sure to turn with a spatula to chrysokitrinisoun balanced on both sides, without necessarily harden and dry.
- When the tortilla is ready we stacked one over the other in a folded petsetoula and this place and hermetically sealed in a plastic bag (a large poly-bag for example). The tortilla will take off our pale and so will soften. Serve immediately from the soft, or if you wish to use later, or another day, take them out of the bag, fold them in foil and cool, or freeze. It is however better to eat as soon as they build.
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