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Tips for easy cooking

Time to learn some Tips for easy cooking

If the dough sticks, and we can not open a sheet, put it in the fridge for a while wrapped in foil.
We can rise not put it on the bench but niseste flour (very fine corn flour) and the dough will open very easily.

Try putting a tablespoon of baking powder to the meatballs. will become more fluffy!

Place the vegetables for 15 minutes in cold salted water you put a little vinegar to leave insects, caterpillars and snails

To quickly boiled beans and peel easily pour in water to soak the night before, a little soda.

To clean, impressive, crystal cubes, use boiling water.

To ripen avocados quickly you enough to wrap in newspaper and of course you have other freezer.

To easily peel the eggs, boil them in water adding salt.

To keep the greens green when you boil pour a teaspoon of baking soda in boiling water.

When cleaning fresh okra find that downloading a sticky substance. To avoid this stuff, you can dip into vinegar.

If you open a box of tomatoes and do not use it all, you can save it, as it is in a cardboard box in the freezer. When removing the box dip in hot water and the tomato will come soon, take the tomato in cold food.

To keep the color of carrots and peas vigorously after adding boiling water to boil some sugar.

For a perfect mashed potatoes and bechamel sure the milk will be put warm (not hot) and have a perfect cream.

If you want delicious pasta boil them in equal amounts of water and milk with a tablespoon of salt.
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