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The clever diet

This is a cleaver diet that will make you lose saome of the extra weight

This diet was written after reading lots of books on diets and healthy food and enough money to dietitians and nutritionists. Follow some basic principles of various diets and positions on the diet. I made my stomach and I found my form.

Although this diet-feeding is not very strict, within 2 months I lost 18 kg to be trying too hard to put back. On holidays I put 1,5 kg after consecutive bowl and food, sweets and drinks.

1. Three times a week do not eat after 6 in the evening (after 8 come on, if we can not do otherwise). Warning! 8 mean to be the last bite! Items from 6 our metabolism starts to fall and put in the mouth after 8 is stored as fat. The rest normally eat dinner but we are something light (fish / meat with vegetables better to avoid the bad carbs in the evening).

2. Always eat breakfast! The body needs and the stomach! The most basic: get breakfast when the body wakes up and starts our metabolism working properly.
Some ideas for breakfast:

Milkseik with milk, one banana, 1 tsp. Honey and 1 tsp. Whole grains (all the grind in a blender).
Whole-grain cereals with milk
Fruit salad with dressing: 1 teaspoon honey dissolved in a little lemon
Wholemeal bread with cheese and turkey

3. Avoid fried foods, juices and soft drinks.

4. We can drink white or red wine or jin and tonic (they have few calories and do good in our bodies). A glass a day!

5. We eat fruit during the day and avoid the evening. Several of these difficult to digest during the night. Very nutritious, with excellent properties for our organization are the berries, currant, mango, pineapple, prunes.

6. Place the green tea in everyday life. Increases our metabolism. In green tea can add some honey and lemon to taste better.

7. Reduce salt. We can replace it with pepper, chili pepper, paprika (which increase and combustion), etc.

8. Olive oil is very good and necessary! So do not skip the salads. Along with a little lemon juice or vinegar have a great and hearty salad.

9. As we drink coffee but without milk. This combination reduces metabolism. If we can add half a teaspoon of black, brown sugar. If you can not drink coffee without milk, then add a little fresh milk not evaporated!

10. Sweets are allowed, but in small quantities. Remember that 1.2 tablespoons of our favorite dessert special not add calories and may be sufficient. From personal experience, I always want more, or eat some chocolate, or eat the whole package! Therefore, better to know our organization to try everything and be satisfied with small amounts.

11. One to two pieces of chocolate health day.
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