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The best tips and tricks for your house

Lean how to sove problems in your house in the nature way

NATURAL insect killer
Three cups water, add two tablespoons of crushed garlic, half cup
finely chopped parsley (dry), boil the mixture until it left only 2 cups of water.
Drain and let the liquid cool. Sprayed with the mixture of trees and plants
or your vegetables, is effective for large numbers of insects, cheap, and above all
harmful to your health.

1. Medium, 130-145 degrees Celsius for fried foods containing much water as potatoes
and other vegetables.
2.high, 155-170 degrees Celsius for flour or butter.
3. Very high 175-190 degrees Celsius for small fish such as squid,

If the black cotton clothes (blouses, trousers, skirts) have been weakening and
black has lost its "intensity", add the circle "laundering" of
2 cups your laundry ready for black coffee possible.

Although some digital disks you (CDs), have been scratched or dirty, so
"jump" when playing, do not despair: Spread the good surface and rub
gently with your finger a little ordinary toothpaste (not the clear gel). Let 5
minutes, then wipe with a damp soft fluffy towel.

An excellent way deodorant microwave ovens (microwave) is a mug
vinegar, open the oven until cooked, soak a cloth in hot vinegar and wipe
inside the oven.

If you keep your candles in the refrigerator several hours before the turn, last much longer.

put in wax candlesticks or other objects coming out very easily if the place
freezing in a few hours.

• small pieces IN GLASSES
Any mirrors or glasses that have scratches? Try to rub up on
little scratches simple toothpaste (not gel) with a soft cloth! Miracles!

• Bed and grit
Put a little spray silicon to find the ironmongers, the joints of
base of the bed not to creak of bed whenever you change side!

• TOWELS in color
If you have towels with striking colors and want to keep beautiful,

Add the first wash a cup of salt water. The salt stabilizes the
colors, sailing, will remain alive and vibrant for much longer!

To keep your bath towels or person is the more absorbent,
make sure you have rinsed perfectly than soap. A cup of white vinegar in
rinsing removes all the traces of soap.

• SOFA dirty?
If soiled sofas and you want to clean them, dampen a soft cloth
in a solution of ammonia and water. The ratio should be one to one. Rub
plywood to nap. Then wipe with a dry skin and let them

To keep the velvet couch of clean and smooth as new,
rub them once a week with a damp cloth (like the one used to
dry the car after washing) and then wipe thoroughly with a dry
cotton cloth.

During the winter the heater lights, pour a small glass bowl with water and
little vinegar. Vinegar "dissolves" the smell of smoke and makes a healthier atmosphere.

• Cigarette smell
Take the ashtrays little vanilla powder. So every time you turn off your cigarettes
will smell vanilla, obviating the tsigarila. The same can apply and
ashtrays in the car.

• Close doors house smell
If smell of your kitchen smell musty, boil a cup of fresh milk and
Put it in the lower shelf of the cupboard. Close the door well and let the milk
to cool. When cool and open the door you will find that the smell of
closed will have disappeared.

• wooden utensils and bloating
In order not to inflate the washing and quickly destroyed the wooden utensils
your kitchen, before the first use, go with the one brush
soaked in a little oil. Wipe gently with kitchen paper and leave them in for 24
hours. Every time you think the wood dry, repeat this process.

Do not ever put in the dishwasher wooden utensils in your kitchen (spoon bowl,
mortars, cutting boards, etc.). High temperatures make the wood to "pop"
much more quickly.

• fabrics AND HOLE
If he has tapped the fabrics Cover the hole on her sewing a piece of

same fabrics (if you are proactive and keep you) or a piece of canvas, the
which would have cut round, slightly larger than the hole to be fixed

• fabrics and rip
If the tent has unraveled, correct the damage the stitching problem
point with a packing needle, which would have gone kerenio string.

• fabrics and waterproof COATING
If the fabrics you have lost a few points on waterproof coating, the damage will
restored if you pass these points with a transparent liquid silicone material, which
find a spray or paint on PAINTING.

At home, avoid the main light and create atmosphere with lighting
floor and table, even with lights - lanterns and garlands.

• Living
Heat the area of your living room by placing the sofa cushions and throws in
soft colors with bold designs. Dare to combine fabrics, plaid, striped and
flower together.

• Flower stand IN THE KITCHEN
If y
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