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The Atkins diet, Lose Weight Natural Way

The Atkins diet eat anything, easy to follow, free report one step away

The Atkins diet is the most successful diet of the modern era, but the strict rules make it prohibitive for many people. For this reason experts have created a new ™ versions, which allows the consumption of previously restricted carbohydrates, while ensuring a significant weight loss.

Dr. Robert Atkins taught us a few dekaetie that weight loss does not necessarily mean hunger, natural enough to keep anyone away from carbohydrates, or at least bad carbohydrates they plan to take the body to store more fat. With the Dr Atkins diet the body burns fat instead of store and the body does not feel the need to eat something sweet, as the stabilization of blood glucose eliminate for good the Cravings. Before proceeding to more extensive analysis of the new Atkins diet we answer three very important questions:

- Why are "bad" carbohydrates? The body gets used to directly convert carbohydrates into glucose, a substance which is then used to produce energy. Refined carbohydrates-pasta, pastries, cakes, white bread, rice, etc.-quickly increase the blood sugar, causing the reaction of the pancreas, which in turn increases the production of insulin. The role of insulin is to absorb part of the glucose and the transfer from the blood, muscle and liver, is stored as fuel. OSI does not use glucose for energy production is converted into fat.

In addition to reducing blood glucose increased insulin production and lead to a steep fall in energy and good mood. The brain translates the words of glucose as a low need for more fuel and ordering supplies through food. The food they consume the request body, but is one of the same, namely sugar and starchy carbohydrates, thus creating an addictive cycle.

To stop this vicious circle requires a drastic reduction of carbohydrates so the body begin to burn fat rather than carbohydrates to produce energy. Once achieved, then the new Atkins diet commands gradual reintroduction to food of good carbohydrates, ie those which release energy more slowly, without affecting glucose levels.

- Why do so good protein? The protein plays a key role in the Atkins diet, as has the metabolism to normal levels, it is necessary to produce enzymes and hormones contribute to the development and repair of all tissues and keeps the stomach to eat more hours.

Compared to carbohydrates, have less impact on insulin (which encourages fat storage), greater impact on glycogen (which releases fat), and significantly accelerate the rate of metabolism.

- Should be worried about fat? Fatty mistakenly considered the "bad" food, but actually the vegetable fats are vital for maintaining our health. They protect the organs from trauma and cells from the cold, while helping the body to transfer and absorb some of the fat soluble vitamins in foodstuffs. In addition, fat satiety in the stomach, they taste good and help us to continue the diet, since the meals are delicious and filling.

The conclusion is that reducing the consumption of carbohydrates can enjoy foods such as olive oil, avocados and meat without guilt and without harming our health.

Tailored (four phases) measures of each
One of the key features of "mutated" Atkins is that it can adapt to the needs and tastes of each, without completely excluding carbohydrates. This new approach is divided into four phases.

1. Phase strict limitation: In this phase may be consuming a minimum amount of carbohydrates, which should not exceed 20 grams a day. In this phase you will notice a significant weight reduction, since the body stops burning carbohydrates for energy and starts to burn fat. The duration is two weeks, but may get extended to six months, depending on the weight that would be missed.

2. Phase continuous weight loss: Continue the diet slowly and steadily increasing the amount of carbohydrates in your diet by 5 grams a week until you understand how many carbohydrates you eat, while you continue to lose weight. We need to stay in this phase until you stay more than five pounds to reach your ideal weight.

3. Pre-maintenance: Continue increasing the carbohydrate intake by 10 grams per week, provided, however, you continue to lose weight or points. The rate at which you lose pounds will decrease gradually, but this is the goal. During this phase will reach your ideal weight.

4. Phase lifelong maintenance: Virtually not a phase but a permanent diet. From now on you should check your weight often and if you notice that you get more than 1-2 pounds without changing your eating habits will have to integrate exercise into your life or decrease slightly the amount of carbohydrates.

The daily program on the exact quantities
As understood from the analysis of the four phases of the new Atkins diet in the adjacent columns, the most important is the first since the basic principles followed in all other cases, small changes in the amount of carbohydrates that may be consumed.

Eat only the types of foods you will
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