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Sweet and sour chicken with pineapple recipe

Sweet and sour chicken with pineapple fried rice with egg


Sweet and sour chicken with pineapple fried rice with egg ingredients:
For the rice:

* 1 large onion
* 1 egg
* A little oil (about Wok)
* Butter (to prevent sticking when boiling the rice)

For the sweet and sour:

* Oil for frying
* Corn Flour
* 2-3 peppers (various colors)
* 2 eggs
* 1 can chopped tomatoes
* 1 small box of canned pineapple (playing and plain sliced)
Chicken (the photo is 350 grams).
* Vinegar (how ;)
* Sugar (how much ;)

The materials ...
Here the team painstakingly gathered all the ingredients. The big thrill. The shaky picture.
From the photo is missing the sugar, but that time I did and coffee.

A. Introduction

We start with care and reverence washing and burning wok. Water and rubbing with scouring pads Wok type Scotch Bright (no relation to Scottish maid). Once dry it thoroughly with a cloth, put some oil and put it into the fire. The oil will burn and bring up gyrovolies to spread across the surface of the Wok.
Burned everywhere? Bravo.

B. Rice

Take the CD of Enrique Iglesias Bailamos and put in the repeat and tsitonoume speakers. Close doors and windows open all because maybe ntoumaniasei.

Cut the onion into large pieces (photo next to the peppers). Put the rice (almost put a cup per person) in a saucepan. Wash. Put water. Not the quantity corresponds. Empirically, the level is two fingers above the rice. Rice is ready when chewed comfortable but still hard. Put salt, and butter or oil to prevent sticking to the bottom.

Discard the onion in the Wok, and leave until stain. Beat the egg (without shells) and throw it in the Wok. Stir with spoon but because otherwise we will become scrambled. Immediately add the rice. Fiendish Stir to mix evenly.

Rice Wok in
"The rice into Wok" 2001. Composition with oil. National Gallery.

Put Soy and Oyster. 1 to 2 teaspoons each. (If you do not have does not matter. There is a huge difference in taste). The rice is done when a little darker than the photo (light brown) and is not liquid.

The rice on the table
The rice on the table. The photos travagame until cool.
After we ate. If it were more!

C. Sweet and sour

Break the eggs and beat mercilessly. Cut the chicken into cubes. We take a one to dabble in the diced egg and daub with Corn Flour.

Sprinkled ...
Until you reach the photo, left over flour.

Pour enough oil in a pan (not the Wok and not butter) and fry (deep fry) to be made from all sides, yellow / brown (golden brown). Just be careful not to burn. If the chicken has karvouniasei local, remove the charcoal with caution. Somewhere in here you get bored Bailamos and remove the CD. I suggest Heroes del Silencio (something like Pix Lax ispanisti).

Put the peppers (cut "boat" as in the photo) in Wok. Put the meat. Mix (in this conversation and heave).

Boat ...
Embroider again the master ....

Place the tinned tomatoes. Combine pineapple with juice (if you do not have broth is fine).

Question: How much vinegar how much sugar?
Answer: Equal quantities. At this time I threw a half cup vinegar, half sugar (white, not brown). These quantities are always equal. The more you put, the stronger tastes. The sugar from the compost is negligible quantity. At times you try and if it is too sweet or too sour put portions. Always soneis. Is the norm. If you were stronger than you want, add water. If you did not neromplouki thicken, add a spoonful of Corn Flour with a little cold water in a glass, stir and dissolve as you put it inside. (For starters: You do not decorate the food on top with Corn Flour why would svoliasei).

So we put the vinegar and sugar. Stir gently and let it boil.

Shortly before the end
Shortly before the end. The scrubber on the bottom left chair has nothing to do with the recipe.

It is ready when you come across a situation imirefsti. Put rice on a plate and decorate the top with sweet and sour. We make a cigarette and shut up because all this time. Yell from across the spanioles and Cairns.

Ultimate success.

Caution: Chicken with orange or lemon, is a similar recipe. There are different things. You just follow the recipe perfectly succeed.
Comes in 2 to 3 people.
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