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Stuffed Popes with cheese

Stuffed Popes with cheese recipe

Stuffed Popes with cheese

Explanation and ingredients:
eight great Popes I do not say to you that class then in the department of the valley, Colombia, says huatas to them or sabaneras and not the corresponding name
two hard eggs, pricked
rallado white cheese
four dangerous eggs
two spoonfuls of wheat flour
salt to pleasure
vegetal oil

Like preparing it:
the Popes peel themselves and they are put to cook in pickling brine by about 25 minutes until they esten soft. the Popes in one of ends, removing to them one as it covers and then, with a teaspoon cut themselves, they swagger and the perforated egg and the rallado cheese fill up with. they are covered, fixing them with a small stick that can be cleared once finished the step that follows. soon the eggs with the flour are fought and the Popes rebozan themselves, putting them to fry in sufficient oil, until seeing them sea breams
also they are possible to be filled up with worn out meat and in this about case 500 are necesitarian g, those that are pondrian to sofreir with hogao to see in the end and with the perforated egg. this iria replacing to the cheese rallado like filling
" Hogao" valluno
ten mature, bare and preferably pricked tomatos of than less medium
six stems of long onion, minced
four onions cabezonas, bare and minced finely
four teeth of garlic, crushed
pimenton, itched
two sweet red peppers, pricked this are optional
saffron, or in its defect, annatto dissolved in poquitin of water
salt, pepper and cumin, to the pleasure
three spoonfuls of vegetal oil

Like preparing it:
the oil is warmed up and all the ingredients are put to sofreir to average fire, revolviendo with wood spoon until it obtains a smooth sauce 20 minutes, approximately
this prescription this in a seized book surreptitiously of the collection of misiarubby; entitled book great book of the Colombian kitchen; 1984; institute of culture and circle of readers, S.A. is work of several participants who played the kitchen under the flag of Carlos Ordo'6nez caicedo and with the consultation of Maria Teresa of abello, secondly heads and ludwig rauch
… Then that.
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