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Strawberry tart

Strawberry tart is a good dessert choice

Strawberry tart
Necessary for the paste:
200 g sifted flower
50 g almond powder
100 g fine semolina sugar
1 pinch salts
1 egg
150 g tender butter

Necessary for the vulling:
750 g strawberries
1 kilogramme rhubarb
6 sheets red gelatine
8 sheets white gelatine
juice of 1 lemon
150 g fine semolina sugar
300 g double room
2 eetlepels of strawberry jam
2 eetlepels of burned nootjes
2 dl fresh room
Knead the ingredi? nten for the paste well, role it and held with that a springvorm. 3 cm forms high edge. Puncture the undercrust a couple time with a fork and meddles an hour to rest in the frigidaire. Barge 20-25 minutes in on 200? C voorverhitte and late cools down furnace. Rhubarb, cut small and blew 5 minutes in 1/8 litres water clean the plants. Separately the voorgeweekte and squeezed gelatine in rhubarb. Joint? of the cleaned, cut small strawberries, bring on taste with lemon juice and sugar and mash with the bar blender. Spatula by it vervolgens the whipped double room. To the creamy fruit mixture concerning the undercrust and at least three hours let stiffen to scoop in the frigidaire. Remove the springvorm, cover the cake edge around with slightly heated strawberry jam and cover with burned nootjes. Klop the fresh room stiffly with sugar to taste and garnishes the cake with toefjes battle slagroom and the rest of the strawberries.
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