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Spring Bread recipe

Spring Bread recipe is the healthy way to have your bread in the everyday table

Spring Bread recipe
Spring Bread
300 gr. lukewarm water
200 gr. rye flour, chopped
300 gr. flour can type 70%
50 gr. yeast onions (what is this? See tsoukali.gr)
30 gr. white wine
12 gr. fresh yeast
10 gr. salt
7 gr. sugar
6 gr. Malt
Grains to stick to the outer surface

How we do it:
Heat the water at 25 degrees, throw the bucket of the mixer first liquid and finally solid and knead 3 minutes at fast speed and 3 minutes on slow speed.

Allow the dough to "rest" for 40 minutes at 25 degrees Celsius.
Knead by hand and cut the dough into 5 equal pieces (150 grams each approx) which knead into balls. With a clean damp fine sfougari wet the ball better or leave the sponge down and kylame balls on it and after kylame in a dish with the seeds to stick on them. Place the ball-shaped daisy (one in the middle and five perimeter).

Cover with a wet towel and let bread at 35 degrees Celsius.

Bake at 220 degrees Celsius for 45 minutes. At the bottom of the oven and put a shallow pan with water to have moisture. Some ovens have a special system for yeast.

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