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Spaghetti of laziness

Spaghetti of laziness is an easy recipe to cook as the name sugest...

Ingredients for 8 Servings:
1 package Rigatoni
1.50 liter of milk (fresh)
200 ml Milk (evaporated)
500 gr. Feta (crumbled)
3 eggs
125 gr. Butter (in pieces)
200 gr. Ham (part)
- Cheese (grated)
- Salt
- Pepper
- Nutmeg


* Pour into a large pasta pan (no cooking needed) and add the milk (fresh and evaporated), and eggs, which have hit with some of our milk.
* Grate or chop into small pieces of feta cheese and sprinkle on top to go anywhere. Stir gently.
* Add the butter with a spoon, taking small amounts each time, casting scattered in the mixture.
* Cut the ham into small pieces (suits to demand a piece of ham, not slices) and pour in a baking pan.
* Put a little salt (as a slice), pepper and a little grated nutmeg, to make a difference!
* Last slight shuffling and ready for the oven.
* Bake for 50 'to 180 degrees. Add the grated cheese in 5 minutes before finished cooking.
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