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Soya noodles with kipsate and cashewsaus recipe

Soya noodles with kipsate and cashewsaus recipe

soya noodles with kipsate and cashewsaus ingredients:

400 g chicken fillet
1 pocket Chinese Eiermie
3 thick lente-uitjes
Wok oil
150 g cashews
1 dl soya ows
12 kerstomaatjes
1 yellow paprika

Twinge the BBQ to or hot the spit-roaster, spit-roaster plate or spit-roaster pan on the highest score.
Bring in a wide pan to cook a considerable low water (with what salt or ketjap asin). Joint the mie to ebullient water and cooks these in approx. 4 minutes done. Appetite cooks the mie after 1 minute with 2 forks loose and rudder during cooking still even for. Pour off in a vergiet, with cold water rinse and well let leak out.
Cut the chicken fillet in small bits.
And cuts the dark greenness of lente-uitjes in 8 was bits and cuts the rest in narrow ringetjes.
Kerstomaatjes, cuts 4 kerstomaatjes in small bits and halves the rest was.
And halves paprika was, removes the seed lists and cuts the paprika in beautiful slanting bits.
Thread to each rod 4 bits chicken fillet with 1/2 kerstomaatje, 1 bit spring onion and 2 bits paprika. Cover them around with what oil.
Grating the sat? on or the BBQ, spit-roaster hot under or spit-roaster pan in approx. 10 minutes on both sides done. Regular keren.
Chop the cashews and mix them with 0.5 dl soya ows, 2 eetlepels oil and the bits tomato.
A large wok on fire puts and leaves the wok well hot becomes. Joint a tot oil and rudder barge lente-uiringetjes the 1 minute. Joint the rest the mie by it and rudder barge cooled down of the soya ows, scoop minutes still 2.
Divide the soya noodles concerning 4 deep chalkboards and leg on each 2-3 sateetjes of chicken and vegetables. Give the cashewsaus separately.

On table:
Move Seroendeng and fried trips on table, to take to own taste.

differently is possible also:
Be you crazy on mihoen or nestjes mie, use which then instead of the Chinese mie. For the devotees it nice at the spring onion, 1 has been chopped teentje garlic and 1 tea spoon add sambal.
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