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South Beach Diet

South Beach Diet

South Beach diet is similar to the Atkins diet that emphasizes protein instead of carbohydrates. The theory behind the reduction of carbohydrates and higher protein consumption is that the body will begin to produce less insulin, which can help lose kilos. It consists of three phases, in which progressively more and more are added carbohydrates. The goal of the first phase is to eliminate the cravings for all types of carbohydrates, including fruit. After the two weeks the first phase is complete, the aspiration should be eliminated. By eliminating the fluctuations in blood sugar attached carbohydrate, South Beach Diet aims to make it easier to diet. Then, as "good" carbohydrates are added back to diet, are less likely to lose control and start excesses in the diet. The types of carbohydrates are allowed on the South Beach diet are those with low glycemic index.

South Beach Diet gives much greater emphasis on consumption of fat is good for the body, such as olive oil. Fats them has been shown to increase levels of "good" cholesterol. The diet does not encourage excessive consumption of saturated fats like those found in bacon, cheese and butter. It also allows greater consumption of vegetables, particularly those with low glycemic index.

Is strict;
Quite. Although it allows greater consumption of fat from some diets, the quantities are limited. We eat many salads, and should be rigorously measure your daily consumption of almonds. In fact, if you do not enjoy eating mixed greens with light vinaigrette dressing, the South Beach diet can be somewhat difficult for you. There is great flexibility, which can create problems if you athstira vegetarian. The diet requires sufficient protein, including chicken breast, eggs and milk with low fat. The consumption of bread apoagorefetai almost exactly.

How much weight loss can I expect?
The diet aimed at losing up to 3 kilos in the first two weeks. However, you should be aware that much of this weight loss is likely due to water loss and probably not run if paused. After the initial phase of diet, weight loss is expected to decelerate to reach half a pound per week. The South Beach diet encourages the pursuit of eating outside. Overall, if you like to eat meat and salads and I think you can eat what is allowed in moderation, it may be the diet for you.
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