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Soups recipes

Soups are usually the first plate in a complete course of a meal. Some consider this plate as the most tasty.

Soup by itself is one of the most nutritious and satisfactory meal. At the same time it can be very quickly cooked. Soups Cooking Recipes and tips can br found and cooked as bellow in a large variety mainly consits from vegetables, meal and some ime from fruits! The childern will love these soups, no need to pray then to eat their food anymore, cook then and you will be happily suprised.
turkey soup recipe  turkey soup
Ajo Blanco soup recipe Ajo Blanco is a refreshing fragrant soup with almonds and garlic from Andalusia
asparagus soup with hazelnuts recipe asparagus soup with hazelnuts
Avocado Soup recipe Avocado Soup; The avocado unlike other fruits, contains only 70% water and 30% fat
broccoli soup recipe broccoli soup recipe
Brussels Sprouts Soup recipe Brussels Sprouts Soup recipe
Carrot soup with Louisa leaves  Carrot soup with Louisa leaves
Carrot soup with orange and marathoriza (fennel) recipe Carrot soup with orange and marathoriza (fennel) recipe is a soup proposal to make you relax
chalaba Soup  chalaba Soup is a spanish soup
Chicken soup recipe -Avgolemono This Chicken soup recipe (Avgolemono) usually comes as the first plate of a complete course, try it and you will be suprised
Chickpeas with Rice Chickpeas with Rice easy recipe
Chinese tomato soup Chinese tomato soup
christmas salads recipes christmas salads recipes
Cold vegetable soup The soup is fit buns baked in the pipeline. Serve the rolls separately from the soup. If you sprinkle them with chopped garlic
Creamy almond soup recipe Creamy almond soup is a nice and healthy soup you must try once in a lifetime
Garlic soup easy food recipe  throws the pressure, it warms the hearts and is a prime dish for in-laws! Recipe from Latin America
Gazpacho Spanish cold soup Gazpacho Spanish cold soup for summer nights at sea, based on tomato
German soup German soup Easy recipe
Green Soup recipe Green Soup For more cooking instead of brown leeks, you can put it to soften in a little water and instead of margarine, add some oil at the end.
Lentil Soup recipe Lentil Soup is an easy way to make a soup fast and taste
Mageiritsa  Mageiritsa,greek soup,Easter soup.
Mushroom soup recipe When you serve the mushroom soup, add the lemon juice.
Noodle soup with chicken, lemon and garlic Noodle soup with chicken, lemon and garlic is a food with many ingrediens mixed in a nice light way
Onion soup recipe Onion soup recipe is very nutritius that desers to give a try
ox tail soup recipe ox tail soup
Plush Pumpkin soup with chestnuts Plush Pumpkin soup with chestnuts is a soup to enjoy
Pottage Pottage,very easy and healthy soup.
Soup of squid   Prescription of soup of squid (2) in the category of soups and creams.
Soup with mushrooms recipe Soup with mushrooms is an easy soup very nutritious and, of course taste
Soup with Vegatables recipe Easy recipe for Soup with Vegatables recipe
Soupe au Pistou recipe Soupe au Pistou is a french Cabbage soup with dry beans
The soup of Stars recipe The soup of Stars is a fantastic soup to try to cook it by yourself
Tomato noodles recipes Tomato noodles for the coold nights of winnter
Tomato soup with flat cheese recipe tomato soup with flat cheese easy food recipe
Trachanas recipe This Trachanas soup recipe is served hot at the cold nights of winnter
Vegan Fish soup recipe Vegan Fish soup Serve and enjoy the rich in vitamins and nutrients taste of "atypical" in this "soup"
Vegetable soup recipe Vegetable soup has many ingredients and is very healthy as well
Vegetable Soup recipe At this Vegetable Soup recipe, If you do not have all the vegetables we can make our soup with less Ingredients
Vegetable soup with Udon noodles This soup is very tasty and also very easy preparation and execution.
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