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Scrambled Eggs recipe

Scrambled Eggs is an authentic american recipe

Scrambled Eggs
Scrambled Eggs recipe

American recipe for we make eggs, which mistakenly confuse with our Kagiani. It is delicious and offered as a snack for any time of day. In the U.S., where breakfast is the richest and most important meal of the day, are very nutritious and filling for one day for tedious and demanding. We, here in Greece do not even eat breakfast, let alone rich and hearty, so eat the scrambled eggs in several other cases. For example, at 5.00-6.00 on Sunday morning when we returned from the bouzouki after copious consumption of alcohol and / or a Sunday brunch (breakfast + lunch), just when we wake up. We make to avoid scrambled eggs and very often the father who has attained sugar, the wife has "pinched" up cholesterol, etc.

how to cook Scrambled Eggs recipe
- In a large frying pan put butter plant, in nine points.
- They break into a bowl two, three or more eggs (depending on how many to cook) and beat with a fork just as the omelet.
- Sprinkle salt.
- Where has begun and Tweet butter in the pan, the Lower to five degrees and leave for half a minute to calm down.
- With one hand hold the bowl over the pan and pour the eggs slowly into the pan, while the other hand, holding a wooden spatula, mix the eggs constantly with a circular motion with alternating movements and fro and with right-left movements so as not to leave any way to tie the eggs in a form as is the omelette. In this course, it helps a lot and the fact that we lowered the temperature of the eye in the five points.
- While the eggs solidify slowly, and we start sharp, vertical movements with a wooden spatula, essentially cutting the eggs in very small pieces.
- The scrambled eggs, normally eaten underdone. This is distinguished from the eggs that we are getting absolutely golden yellow color, but still a bit orange, and that have solidified and has remained in the pan even more than the zoumaki. We, here in Greece is not accustomed to half-baked foods in general. In any case should not let our eggs xeropsithoun.

What accompany the scrambled eggs;

1. With bacon
The fry in corn oil or sunflower oil minimum until almost dry in the same pan that will then create our egg. It is understood that after we have finished with bacon and since we put on paper towels to remove the oil it, wash the pan and wipe before starting to cook our eggs.

2. With corn beef hash
Served instead of bacon, also American recipe, but for very strong stomachs. It is "heavy" side dish that is on our eggs, but certainly delicious, especially for meat lovers and particularly the sausage.
We buy canned corn beef from the supermarket (it is usually imported from Argentina). The amount of corn beef hash as we prepare for our eggs are depending on how many people eat and having in mind that the corn beef is heavy and difficult to digest. The corn beef fry until dry and this, in the same pan that will then create the scrambled eggs us. It is understood that intermediate clean the pan.
The hash recipe for corn beef, plans to add very finely chopped potatoes and the corn beef is almost done. Potato, which we advance in saucepan boil for seven to eight minutes, we remove the skin with a knife, we have cut on the wood of the kitchen into large pieces, then into smaller and end in a very, very small pieces the size of small croutons. The potato should be very little left in the pan, not to become what we all know as fried potatoes, just enough to mix and to "marry" with the corn-beef.

3. Me home-fries
Also American recipe. We boiled potatoes, or potatoes for seven to eight minutes, have them remove their skin, we have cut in half and then in slices, but is more subtle.
We sauté in corn or sunflower oil, onions, or onions, cut into thin rings, stirring with a wooden spatula, until soft, to darken and sweeten. Then add the potato slices and cook, but very little. Add pepper and salt.

The scrambled eggs we can serve with home-fries, with bacon or corn-beef hash and slices of toast, well toasted and smeared with butter. Accompanied by American (and not French as we used to say) filter coffee and a glass of grapefruit juice or orange, or tomato.
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