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Salmon Fenchel Snack

Salmon Fenchel Snack

Salmon Fenchel Snack

1. Fenchel wash and deseam. It then halve and cut in approx. 1 cm thick strips.

2. The Fenchelstückte in e.g. Sonnenblumenöl 2 min. with middle heat anbraten. The Rosmarin of the branch pluck and finely chop. The Fenchel thereby as well as with sea salt and pepper pepper.

3. The salmon disks to it-give, but refine only from a side, until the upper side nearly through is. (It tastes best, if it is glassy stop some more)

4. Fenchel and salmon on two plates distribute and if necessary with Fenchelgrün kidneys. This tastes also very good!

5. Hint:
With a toast, which is coated with butter and Meerrettich, it tastes excellent and always is also as breakfast or to the Brunch with my guests a welcome alternation!
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