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Salads Recipes

Salads recipes are so popular nowdays, they serve in many colors and shapes special interest is the green salads

Salads usually come as the first dish of a meal. Salads can be healthy, satisfying meals on their own or perfect accompaniments to main dishes. Our salad collection of recipes includes coleslaw, fruit, egg, and potato salads and increase from time to time.
American salad with broccoli  American salad with broccoli This salad to learn from some Americans bookcrossers
Asparagus with eggs Asparagus' elite vegetables "is a tasty dish, which has vitamin C, calcium, phosphorus, potassium and fiber.
Avocado puree recipe Avocado puree is a nutritus food to try
Bean Salad with our eastern neighbors recipes recipes for Bean Salad with our eastern neighbors
Caesar salad easy recipe  Caesar salad easy recipe
Caesar salad recipe The most famous sald in the world is consider to be the Caesar salad recipe
Caesars salad with rosbief and piccalilli recipe Caesars salad with rosbief and piccalilli
Carrot Salad easy recipe Carrot Salad recipe is an easy recipe healthy for all
Cheese salad with vegetables recipes Cheese salad with vegetables
Easy omelette with onions recipe Easy omelette with onions recipe
Fast potato salad Fast potato salad is an easy potato salad for a fast preparation and ready to eat
Festal SALAD Festal salad,christmas salad with red cabbage.
Fresh spinach with smoked pork Fresh spinach with smoked pork,easy,health food.
German Potato Salad recipe German Potato Salad recipe
Hot sweet and sour salad Hot sweet and sour salad recipe
Italian Salad recipe Italian Salad this is a green salad for vegetarians
Macaroni Salad easy food recipe Macaroni Salad is a pasta salad very healthy cooked for all
Mediterranean Green Salad Recipe Mediterranean Green Salad Recipe for all family
Omelette Rainbow Recipe Omelette Rainbow
Pasta salad recipe The short pasta puts the good and transforms into a magical Pasta salad
Pickled herring and potato salad  Pickled herring and potato salad
Pink dressing (sauce) Salad Pink dressing is a sauce for salads that can easily be used as a dip for chips and other finger foods
Potato salad recipe A potato salad to make that is light and delicious
Red sauce recipe Red sauce
Rolled omelette ham cheese recipe Rolled omelette ham cheese
Russian Ensaladilla Russian Ensaladilla
Sailor Salad recipe Sailor Salad recipe is an easy and tasty salad that will take you by suprise
Salad of cabbage Salad of cabbage
Salad of onion and orange Salad of onion and orange
Salad of onion and tuna Salad of onion and tuna
Salad of rice with olives Salad of rice with olives
Salad of tuna and potatoes Salad of tuna and potatoes
Salad with fennel and rocket  Salad with fennel and rocket is a healthy food to enjoy
Salad with pasta recipe Salad with pasta recipe is an ideal quick meal
Shrimp salad  This Shrimp salad is for those who love shrimps
Smoked Salmon salad recipe Many may not like Smoked Salmon but then an attempt to try this Smoked Salmon salad recipe might make then stick.
Spanish omelette and smoked salmon salad  Spanish omelette and smoked salmon salad recipe
Spanish omelette cubes with twisted recipe Spanish omelette cubes with twisted
Spanish salad recipe Spanish salad is so taste so easy to be cooked
Spinach with bacon and gkorgkontzola recipe Spinach with bacon and gkorgkontzola
Swedish Ensaladilla Swedish Ensaladilla
Taramasalata - Fish Roe Dip Taramasalata -is a Fish Roe Dip very tasty and impresive to add on your table
Tomato salad to the mozzarella  Tomato salad to the mozzarella easy sauce
Tuna salad recipe Tuna salad recipe easy food recipes to prepare in minutes
Valencian salad Valencian salad
Warm potato salad recipe Cook easy and fast Warm potato salad recipe
Warm potato salad recipe Cook easy and fast Warm potato salad recipe
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