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Risotto with mussels recipe

Risotto with mussels recipe

Risotto with mussels recipe

* 350 grammes risottorijst
* 1.5 kilo mussels in shell
* 3 paprikas of several colour
* 1 onion
* 3 teentjes garlic
* approx. 15 draadjes saffron
* 1 litre fish soup
* 1 glass dry white wine
* 4 eetlepels of olive oil
* a small wood chopped parsley
* pepper and salts

- Do the plants put together mussels in a pan and hot these on a high flame with?? n glass white wine. After 7 minutes the mussels omschudden in a closed pan. After approx. 10 minutes all mussels will be open. Obtain the mussels from their shell on 20 beautiful copies. These will be used as trimming. The kookvocht to keep.
- Ontvel paprikas these are possible by keeping them above a flame, as a result of which the peel bursts open, or by peeling them with dunschiller. Obtain afterwards turn in and seed lists and cuts the paprikas in small bits.
- Crush the onion and garlic and fruit them in a smattering olive oil until everything are gentle become.
- Joint to this the paprika and the rijst and rudder this well by each other until all olive oil has been taken by the rijst. This see you, because the rijst what becomes glassy. Hereafter already the stirring kookvocht of the mussels add. Remain stir until all vocht has been taken. Joint in the same manner tot for tot fish soup. Care each time that soup has been taken by the rijst, before you add a new tot and stopper when no more vocht is taken.
- Add the parsley as last the mussels and make it on taste with what and salts pepper.
- E peperone in a diep chalkboard and place serves the risotto con cozze the separate kept mussels on the risotto as trimming.
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