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Rice recipe

Rice recipe

Rice recipe

1pak rises
350 grammes pig flesh (in bits)
half bucket thin spekreepjes
100- 150 grammes ham
1 small leek
3 eggs
2 onions
2 tea spoons sambal
sweet ketjap
3-4 teentjes garlic
1-2 tea spoons ketoembar
1-2 tea spoons djahe
1-2 tea spoons sareh
1-2 tea spoons laos
1 small pocket rice nasikruiden

rice nasikruiden well what in hot water (not too much water) flesh roasts and as last just as garlic and sambal barges. Repeat in pannetje with lid two ketjap and a part of the kruiden does water and the rest. Flesh softly done lets become, at surplus fought reduce by leaving eraf the lid during simmering. Rises cook according to instructions for use. Onions bake, bacon barges, eggs as a omelette bake and in bits cut, ham in bits cut, leek wash and in small shreds cut (go by it raw).

Everything by each other mix. This Court is nicest if it can draw a day in.

Nicest in a wok with a smattering oil is warm up. At lots firstly even in the magnetron.
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