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Ravioli with smoke salmon filling recipe

Ravioli with smoke salmon filling

250 g Flour (paste goods flour)
1 prize Salt
2 Egg (it)
2 EL Oil (olive oil) (or 1 El)
1 EL Water (or 2 El)
300 g Salmon, smoked, in Tranchen, of it 50 g for the set
½ federation Dill
2 EL Mascarpone (or 3 El, approx. 60 g)
Salt and pepper
1 EL Butter, for melting
1 EL Chives (or 2 El), cut

Mix the flour with the salt in a dish for the Pastateig. The eggs with the oil and the water mix, to the flour give and everything to a supple paste join. Some minutes strongly, then with damp cloth to cover and in the refrigerator at least 30 minutes knead and strike paste on something flour rest leave.
Chop 250 g salmon finely for the filling. Dill likewise finely chop, to the salmon give. Mascarpone add, everything well mix, filling at the conclusion with pepper and salt pepper. The paste by portion on something flour 2-3 mm thinly to plates out boiling (or by the paste machine turn). Ever a paste plate on the table put, filling tea-by spoonfuls in distances from 3-5 cm (after desired size of the Ravioli) on the paste to give. The gaps with water bepinseln, second paste plate drauflegen, between which filling with the hand or the Holzstäbchen squeezes the paste plates together, then the Ravioli cut out. Ravioli on easily bemehlte surface put and before cooking some minutes in the low radiator shock freezing next to each other.
In a large pan about 2 litres of seawater for cooking bring, to Ravioli in it some minutes to pull by portion leave, until they rise to the surface. Take out with the foam spoon, on a plate arrange. The butter in a Pfännchen easily bräunen let, over the Ravioli pour, with chopped chives cover. Remaining salmon in strips cut and as set over the Ravioli give.
In addition a mixed salad fits.
Hint: The paste can be prepared also the day before.
For 2 persons: Added halve, or original quantity prepare and one half chill.
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