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Potato salad with cider recipe

Potato salad with cider recipe

Potato salad with cider
For 4 persons:

4 vastkokende potatoes
20 cl Normandische cider (brut)
1 endive
1 selder
300 g baked chicken blank
4 apples (jonagold)
10 ladles mayonnaise
2 ladles lemon juice
salt and pepper

The potatoes were careful under flowing water. Steam them done in 30 minus peel them and snij them in cubes. Do them in a bowl. Bring cider to on the boiling point and pours him immediately concerning the still warm potatoes. Late cool down. Snij the chicken flesh in cubes. Clean the white andijvieblaadjes, reel them finished, spin dry them and crush them. Clean the interior of the selder, reel finished and snij in discs.

Peel the apples and obtain the core. Snij the flesh in cubes and pours immediate lemon juice. Joint the vegetables, the chicken and the mayonaise to the potatoes. Do sufficient salt and pepper and mix the entirely considerable time. It lets cool down an hour on room temperature. Rudder for and serves once again well cooled.
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