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Piper pie easy recipe

This piper pei is an easy and tasty recipe

Piper pie (piperopita) was made of enonton with some other vegetables and cheeses that were left by the Easter tables.
The good thing about pies is that we can use different materials or our taste and what is in our fridge.

To build the'll need:
2 red peppers pepper
1 green
1 yellow
2 orange
1 onion
3 cloves garlic
1 can mushrooms 230 gr.
1 cup red wine
400 gr. various soft cheeses
½ cup oil (and as needed for the spreads of leaves)
Salt and pepper
1 package cake sheets
little sesame
For the cream:
2 tablespoons olive oil
1 tablespoon flour
1 cup milk
1 egg
A handful of cheese trimmenoProetoimasia:
Grate on the coarse cheese grater and let us wait. The mine was tyromalama *, a local Cretan fresh cheese I had received from Crete and Easter are made to Kalitsounakis it. It has a chewy texture and is very tasty.
I did and cheese pies were very tasty. Will eventually follow their recipe.
Cut into small diced peppers and onion.
Rinse the mushrooms well and let us briefly in a strainer to drain.
In a saute pan lightly with some olive oil with the chopped garlic, add onion and after some mushrooms. Let it absorb the water and towards the end we finish with half the wine. The other half will add to peppers.
Remove mushrooms to a bowl in the pan now put a little olive oil and pepper to sotaristoun well.
Towards the end add the remaining wine.
So to make the peppers we make the cream. If you want to miss, but I think it works consistently with the other ingredients of the cake and have best taste results.
Place in a nonstick skillet oil and flour to bake a few minutes, stirring frequently.
Heat the milk and gently pull the pan from the heat starting to add constant and continuous flow of milk and stir our strengths.
The temperatures of both materials to be as identical as possible. Replace the pan on the fire until it boils gently. The withdraw and leave aside to cool.
When cool enough add egg and a handful of grated cheese. Salt and pepper according to taste mas.Tora in a large bowl uniting all the ingredients together. That is, mushrooms, peppers, grated cheese and cream. Stir well to consolidate the material.
In a lightly oiled baking pan spread a sheet, Grease and add the second.
Top with half the dose of the filling, thinly to go anywhere. Add two more sheets and intermediates, pour the remaining half of the filling and cover with the last two cards, always oiled.
Splashing some water on the surface of the cake, cut into squares and sprinkle with sousami.Psinoume pie in a preheated oven at 200 b. Resistance upside down for 1 hour. If in twenty minutes we see that we have the cake browns too, the cover with greaseproof paper or foil. Make sure it is well cooked and the bottom of the pie.
It is a very tasty pie, belalidiki enough, especially when build your own package, but the main thing is that we put in and other vegetables of your choice or perhaps remove others.
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