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Pig Tank-Sui sauce with plums recipe

Pig Tank-Sui sauce with plums

Ingredients for:
Pig Tank-Sui sauce with plums

- 4 spoons with black molasses soup
- 2 spoons with sauce soup of soya
- 3 spoons with soup of dry Jerez
- 3 filets mignon of pig, approximately 400 G
- Oil to whitewash
- Sauce with plums
- 650 G of fresh plums
- 10 cloves
- 1 star anise
- 2 small dried peppers
- 250 G of brown sugar
- 1 spoon with salt coffee
- 1 piece of fresh ginger of 2,5 cm, chopped finely
- 350 ml of white wine vinegar
Solid of in Result

Liquid of in Result

Temperature of in Result

Preparation for:
Pig Tank-Sui sauce with plums

1 to prepare the marinade, place the molasses, sauce of soya and Jerez in a small frying pan.

2 Stir up with small fire until the mixture is quite homogeneous.

3 Put side to let cool.

4 Withdraw the excess of grease of the nets of pig and place them in a large dish.

5 Pour the marinade above while taking care of well turning over the meat for a good distribution.

6 Cover and let marinate 4 hours with the refrigerator.

7 to prepare sauce, divide plums in two and remove the cores. Break the latter using a hammer and tie them in a small bag of muslin.

8 Manufacture another small bag into which you will slip the cloves, star anise and peppers. Put them in a large frying pan with plums, sugar, salt, the ginger and the vinegar.

9 Carry gently to boiling until sugar founds, then leave mijoter 20 minutes until the plums tenderize. Remove the small bags and drain them above the frying pan.

10 Make boil with sharp fire during 5 to 10 minutes until thickening.

11 Let cool, that will allow sauce to more thicken.

12 Whitewash of a little oil the grid of cooking. Withdraw the nets of pig of the marinade and make indirectly cook them with the barbecue, with average pace during 30 minutes.

13 D├ęcoupez the meat in sections and be used for your taste, heat or cold, with sauce with plums.

Easy way:
The plum cores make it possible sauce to thicken. Wrapped in muslin, cores crushed and strong spices will be easier to withdraw. When you withdraw the small bags of muslin, think of draining them in sauce. If you do not find plums fresh, you can go in a Chinese grocer, which will sell to you this sauce out of bottle or pot.

Your pig Char Sui sauce with plums is ready, good appetite!

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