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Phases of Atkins Diet

Many people prefer Atkins Diet and weight loss promises while allowing unlimited consumption of protein products such as steaks, eggs and cheese full fat.

Many people however do not lose weight with this diet probably because finally tire of following a diet consisting mainly of meat and other "heavy" foods. Constipation has also been reported as a problem of this diet and lack of energy. However, there is a biological basis to support this diet, as people-hunters were fed mainly with meat, nuts and seeds for many years.

The Atkins claims that this diet can reduce cholesterol. Despite the large amounts of fatty foods are consumed, the logic aftoy is that only 25% of cholesterol in blood comes from the type of food consumed, rather than the majority of cholesterol produced by the liver. This certainly helps explain why some people appear to be predisposed to high cholesterol, regardless of their diet.

The Atkins diet is similar to other diets and weight loss may be faster when combined with exercise. Of course, exercise reduces the risk of disease and provides feeling of wellbeing, while the burning of calories.

Phases of Atkins Diet
The Atkins diet program consists of four phases:

Phase 1 - Introduction
During this phase of the diet significantly restricted carbohydrate intake, causing a state agency in ketosis, in which calories are burned rapidly. The only carbohydrates allowed at this stage from green non-starchy vegetables. Carbohydrate consumption should be less than 20 grams a day. For many people this is the hardest part of dieting. The benefits are that the blood sugar is stabilized, due to lack of refined carbohydrates and the desire for sugar starts to minimize. The initial phase usually lasts two weeks.

Phase 2-Follow Weight Loss
During this phase, gradually increasing the carbohydrate intake by 5 grams each week until weight loss stops. Then reduce carbohydrate intake to once again show until he reached again lost more kilos. Most people eat 25 to 50 grams of carbohydrates per day during this phase, depending on their metabolism.

Phase 3 - Pre-Maintenance
This phase arrives when nearly reached the desired weight loss. At this point, gradually increase the carbohydrate intake until you stop losing weight. As increasing carbohydrates, it is proposed to monitor the glycemic index, which the Atkins called "glycemic Order Atkins".

Phase 4 - Maintenance lifetime
This is the stage to remain where people have achieved the desired weight loss. You may ydatanrthakon consumption but only at the site that do not cause weight gain. The Atkins claims that this method of feeding makes people healthier and reduce the risk of chronic diseases. Sugar, bread and starchy foods are always strictly limited.

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