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Pancakes with ham and asparagus.

Pancakes with ham and asparagus very easy , tasty.



# 100 gr. pity Cheesecake

# 1 / 4 cup mayonnaise

# 1 canned green asparagus

# 8 pancakes

# 8 round, very thin, slices of ham

Sleeps: 40 bites

Preparation time: 30 minutes

Click the shame Cheese with a fork to soften and smooth. Pour the mayonnaise and stir. Drain the asparagus and let up on absorbent paper towels to dry thoroughly. Spread the workbench crepes, brush them with a little of the mixture of cheese and mayonnaise and place on slices of ham. Brush the surface again with a little cheese mixture and place in a 3-4 edge asparagus, depending on how thick or thin it is. Wrap crepes in rolls, closing in asparagus. Put the rolls in the refrigerator to tighten. Cut the ends on both sides of each roll and divide into 5 pieces. Place on a platter with the cut sides up, down and store in the refrigerator covered with plastic film and the time they will serve. Accompany them with pity or fryganitses crackers.
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