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Paella with chicken Pepi

Paella with chicken Pepi

Paella with chicken Pepi

* 1 kilogramme chicken wings
* 2 eetlepels of almond sipping press
* 6 teentjes garlic, very chopped
* 10 eetlepels of very chopped parsley
* 1 medium onion chopped
* 1/4 tea spoons crumbled saffraandraadjes
* 1,3-1,4 litre chicken soup
* 8 eetlepels of olive oil
* 30 grammes Spanish Serranoham in cubes of 1/2 cm thick
* 1 paprika, chopped
* 1 sheet laurel
* 1 medium tomato, chopped
* considerable snuf note nutmeg
* 1 tea spoon sweetens paprika powder, preferably Spanish, smoked
* 1/2-1 dl dry (fino) sherry
* 350 grammes kortkorrelige Spanish or Arborio-rijst
* 2 hard-boiled eggs

Powder the chicken wings with salt. Stamp the almonds, garlic, 6 eetlepels parsley and the saffron finely in a small kitchen machine. Rudder 1 eetlepel of soup and as that has been by it taken, still a eetlepel. This puts separately. The furnace for on 200 degrees heats C. hot the oil in a paella pan or low pan with 30 cm average. Barge the chicken in 5 minutes at high temperature brown. Fire then lower and joint do be the onion, ham, paprika and laurel at the chicken and fruit these to the vegetables something gentle. Joint the tomato, barge this 1 minute, rudder then note nutmeg, paprika powder and sherry. The sherry lets evaporate at high temperature. Joint the rijst and care that cover all grains become with the mixture, give then all warm soup and bring this to cook. Joint and salts the mixture from the jack to taste and late everything 5 minutes cook, until the rijst is no longer soepachtig, but sufficient vocht is for the rijst at yarn. The sheet removes laurel and the pan in the furnace. The contents without lid leave yarn to the rijst almost already dente (approximately 12 minus). The pan puts then on a warm spot, dek him finished with foil and late him 5 up to 10 minutes stands until the rijst is done enough. 2 eetlepels scatter parsley and half of the chopped egg. To serve and then each once more powders serving with the rest of the egg and the parsley. Tastily!
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