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Paella del mar

Paella del mar

Paella del mar

* 400 g fillet11_0_ perch fillet
* 4 jakobsnotenjakobsnoten jakobsnoten
* 4 crawfish
* 100 g North sea shrimp (peeled)
* 1 kilogramme mussels
* 2 dl water
* 4 dl wine (blank/dry)
* 4 tomatoes
* 2 stems blanched celery
* 3 onions
* 3 shallots
* 1 Spanish pepertje (allspice)
* 2 teentjes garlic
* 1 eetlepel of parsley (chopped)
* 1 paprika (red)
* 1 paprika (green)
* 1 eetlepel of basil (chopped)
* 1 brushwood thyme
* 1 sheet laurel
* 2 cl olive oil (extra vierge)
* 20 g butter (barge butter)
* 250 g rises
* 8 eetlepels of chicken soup
* 2 cases saffron powder
* 1 eetlepel of tarragon (chopped)
* pepper salts


All vegetables and sea fruit clean. Blanched celery and an onion chop and aanstoven in butter. The mussels add, the pan cover and the mussels leave openkoken. Regular opschudden. The mussels from their shell obtain, some beautiful copies in their shell opzijhouden for the garnering. The water and the white wine to cook bring, salt add and the jakobsnotenjakobsnoten jakobsnoten, the crawfish and in cubes separately eventjes poach cut fillet13_0_ perch fillet (3 to 4 minutes). Split up the onions, shallots, chilli and garlic. Cuts the parsley to chop, the paprikas in cubes. olive oil heats aanstoven in a deep pan (possibly a real paella pan) and the vegetables and zest. To season. On add last basil, thyme and laurel. The tomatoes just as let be scared in hot water, them meestoven cool down in cold water, pellen, pulp grof to chop, at the vegetable mixture to join and leave. The rijst gaarkoken in the chicken soup, with the saffron powder. All the vocht must be absorbed. The rijst by the vegetables mix. The mussels, roodbaarsblokjes and jakobsnotenjakobsnoten jakobsnoten by the vegetables mix and 15 minus in a preheated furnace on 160 degrees places. For serving with the juice of 1 lemon, garnish with tarragon, the mussels in their shell, the shrimps and the crawfish sprinkle the construction. Serve in the pan. Tastily!
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