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Onions - breadbread bread

Onions - breadbread bread

Onions - breadbread bread
For the paste:
500 g flower
1 small pocket leaven
250 ml lukewarm milk
1 struck tea spoon salts

For the vulling:
2 - 3 onions
1 teentje garlic
2 eetlepels of oil
200 g old grated cheese
4 eetlepels of garden tuinkruiden

Screen the flower above mengkom and makes a dimple in
in the middle of. Scatter the leaven and give milk. Leave
everything this way 5 minutes stand. Beginning with a ladle of
to stir and take thereby always what of flower
. Knead afterwards of the ingredients coherent and smoothly
paste. Covered 60 minutes at a warm place leave the paste
to rise.

Split up meanwhile for the vulling the peeled onions and
garlic. Fruit the onion and the garlic in hot oil glassy.
The mixture lets cool down. Rudder by it the cheese and the garden tuinkruiden.
There knead afterwards the paste with salt again by and form
around bread of. Knip it bread of above star-shaped and appetite
the points carefully open. Leg the vulling and leaves it
bread on with oil baking sheet covered the again 40 minutes
to rise.

Heat the furnace for. Barge it bread in the middle of the furnace

barge time and furnace temperature:
Electric furnace: 225°C (preheat)
Heteluchtoven: 200°C (preheat)
Gasoven: 6 - 7
barge time: 35 minutes
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