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Mayonnaise recipe

Learn the easy way to make Mayonnaise fast and tasty


2 eggs
1.5 lt oil (light, preferably not olive oil)
1.2 lemons (juice of)
2 tablespoons spicy mustard
little salt
Beat in eggs can whisk the lemon juice until they pale yellow. Add the oil a little - a little. If the mixer has a way of entry during the operation, the falling oil should form a thin thread. At the end add the mustard, which makes the flavor stronger. The salt we put if we want to add much mustard for lighter applications.

If there is a light oil (sunflower oil, vegetable oil) can use olive oil, but will need more lemon and perhaps less oil (1 lt), because then the mayonnaise cuts much easier. Besides, the flavor becomes more serious: we tried to put olive oil and while there was no problem with the tongue, bitter at the neck!
If the mayonnaise cut (done that as avgolemono) do not fly! The empty container in a blender and put an egg and the juice from a lemon. The hit and add slowly - slowly cut the mayonnaise. Note however that this is a little heavier (3rd egg).
If instead of lemon put orange in the same quantity, we have an interesting taste variation of the recipe. Good but then not put mustard.
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