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Mashed potatoes with carrots

Mashed potatoes with carrots recipe

Mashed potatoes with carrots ingredients for 6 people:
800g. Potatoes
4 carrots thoroughly cleaned
3 tbsp. tablespoons fresh butter
1 tsp. sweet cumin
some fresh warm milk
1 tbsp of parmesan leptotrimmeni
white pepper

Boil the potatoes in plenty of water for 45-60 minutes until done and tender.

In another, smaller pot cook the peeled carrots, until they become tender.

Peel the potatoes from the skins and blackheads chondrokovete carrots all together going through the mill puree. Pour puree into a bowl.

In a large saucepan, add the fresh butter and heat it well, put in cumin and just heated through, add the puree. Stir with quick movements and slowly add fresh milk is heated well to balance the texture. Sprinkle the Parmesan cheese, plenty of white pepper, tested and, if necessary, add a little salt.

Osompouko Accompany it with the puree.
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