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Many tricks to use in your house

Improve your lever of house clearness and apearence

If you want to wash the leaves of your plants and give them a shine, add
a gallon of water, half cup of cooking soda and a teaspoon olive oil. Stir
the well and sprinkle it with all your plants, except those with furry leaves.

• Writing MARKERS
Keep pens and markers always with the nose down (in a jar or glass). Will
last longer and are always ready to write.

Vinegar and salt are effective, cheap and safe mixture to the dismiss
various pests of garden herbs or grass you.

• Developed TREES
Now in the spring, the trees if you want your garden to grow faster,
Help them to begin to move the fruit of more free! Fold a
role in newspaper, and hit him with the trunk of the tree from the ground up
branches, all around.

• Paint FRESH
Finished painting of your home and your leftover paint? You can keep
fresh for years if shipped on a container with a plastic sheet, then close the
lid of hitting with a hammer, and hold it upside down.

The candle that burns at home may take longer, if before the turn of the
keep in the freezer for 30 minutes, if you keep the wick too short

Keep flowers in a vase you fresh and cool for a long time with a
mixture such as a liter of water, dissolve two tablespoons of sugar and two
tablespoons white vinegar.


Cleaning the oven is one of the toughest jobs at home so
and harsh chemicals needed. Use non-hazardous materials such as salt, soda, and
Borax. Put 2 tablespoons liquid soap, 2 tablespoons of Borax, stir it and
store in a plastic bottle spraying. The mixture can be sprayed
the oven and leave them 20 minutes. After the rub.

If you run oils, fats or liquid when cooking in your oven, clean immediately
before you can burn, so you will not need to resort to toxic sprays.

So if you spilled liquid or food because the oven is still warm, apply a
layer of salt and soda cooking on them. If you have dry just before the wet. When
cool the oven scratch those points and then rinse.

Avoid placing plants on the carpets and rugs, because around
pot moisture which can cause irreparable damage.
Use special plates to pots (not clay).

• carpets and guarding
The carpets will be stored without being washed, it must first be swept very well.
Then for greater protection in place the cloth bag in which
put camphor wrapped in cloth or paper. Warning: You should come to the camphor in
contact carpet because there is a risk of deterioration of color. Avoid storage
carpets in wet and uneven surfaces.

• Carpets handmade and soaking
The soaking of the carpet is prohibited on all handmade rugs. The drying
Carpet should be done instantaneously, because there is always the risk of a color is not
both fixed and painted the rest. Also, the humidity inside the
is one of the main factors of deterioration of the pile.

• carpet and "freshening"
A simple solution for "freshening" of the carpet is cleaned with white vinegar and
water (one part white vinegar to three parts water). The vinegar is suitable for maintenance
the carpet, to address local spots and then adds a separate
shine in colors and refresh.

1.This Ammonia: Mix two tablespoons of household ammonia to one cup water.
2.Without vinegar: Mix one cup white vinegar to two cups of water.
Also in lukewarm water should be used in most cases to
rinsing the cleansing solutions of the fiber. Failure to be flushed may be
cause accelerated dirt.

When the carpet is soiled by oil or sauce, remove the stain as follows: Absorb

initially blot with paper towels. Then stretch a little dishwashing liquid in point of stain.
Finally remove the damp cloth.

• silk
The silk fabrics do not ever dry in the sun.

• Wool Fabric
To regain their form of wool, let them enjoy the humidity of
the steam bath .. but away from radiators, heaters, etc.

• Textiles and dark
The acrylic, polyester, rayon fabrics do not go far wrong with the slag.
Keep them away from them.
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