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Luxuriously bread rolls recipe

Luxuriously bread rolls recipe

Luxuriously rolls

* Flower, 500 grammes
* Dried leaven, 1 small pocket
* Salt, 10 grammes
* Butter, 40 grammes
* Hand-warm ones milk, 3 dl
* Lukewarm water with schepje sugar

- Make firstly the paste.
- Do this with a kitchen machine or with the hand.
- The leaven mixes lukewarm water and schepje sugar with a smattering.
- Rudder this well by each other.
- Do flower and it would twist the kitchen machine and late him in softly.
- Joint now milk (not everything at the same time!).
- Add afterwards leaven.
- If the paste is in fact still too dik do then butter.
- To need the rest of milk lets mix everything well and joint.
- The paste pays attention not too slack becomes to that.
- If the paste is ready from the machine obtains and puffs up.
- Does it put at a warm place (e.g. furnace of 30? 40 degrees). After a half hour divides the paste in bits of approximately 50 grammes.
- Puff up these bits and afterwards warmly put aside.
- Leg there a wet screen across. If the globules have risen can you the rolls will form. Leg the formed rolls on a baking sheet and cover them with egg.
- Finally if they have again risen afbakken in a furnace with a temperature of 240 degrees.
- The barge time is at the most 10 minutes.
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