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Lentils to curry

Prescription of lentils to curry in the vegetable category.

Lentils to curry

(for 4 people):

* 500 g. of lentils
* 1 onion
* 2 teeth of garlic
* 1 leaf of laurel
* 1 green pepper
* 1 tomato
* For the refrito:
o 1 great onion
o 1 Golden Delicious apple
o 1 spoonful of curry
o 1 loncha of beicon
o 1 small glass of liquid cream
o Oil
o Salt
After spending two hours to soaking, the lentils slip and they lie down in a casserole with the onion, garlic, the pepper and the tomato, all this mincemeat very finely. The laurel leaf is added, is covered with water, is covered and it introduces in the furnace microwaves, connected to the 100% of power, during 35 minutes until the lentils are tender. Once cooked the lentils, they are reserved. In a mud casserole a little oil is put, squaring the great onion minced and the bare and cut apple in small. The casserole puts in the microwaves about three or four minutes to the maximum power. Next, they add beicon cut in pieces and the spoonful of curry. After good revolver with a wood spoon, this refrito is gotten up to the lentils that were had reserved. Finally, the liquid cream is added, is rectified of salt, it is covered and it cooks other 10 minutes to the 100% of power. This prescription of lentils to curry uses very hot.
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