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Ketchup recipe

Ketchup - The Red Goddess , learn how to make Ketchup

Quite a long time now fair? I do not think! Just when we want to combine quality and quantity should be sure the materials used. And how to use them ...
1 kg tomato paste
10/12 tablespoons sugar
1-2 tablespoons salt
8.10 tablespoons vinegar
pepper - paprika

All materials will eventually mingle together. But we prefer to first stir the sugar with the vinegar to melt early and not mislead us to the test (otherwise it may take several hours to dissolve completely).
We can arrange the viscosity and density of flavor by adding tomato juice or water, spices and vinegar and salt or sugar. Depending on the application (pasta, rice, sandwich, dressing) and the taste you can make many variations, and putting other or different herbs.
An interesting variation is that when replacing sugar with honey. The change in taste is spectacular! Alas the infidel who looked good - well when I put honey! After course loved it!
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