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Italian olive bread recipe

Italian olive bread

Italian olive bread

* 500 gr flower
* 25 gr fresh leaven or 1 small pocket dried leaven
* 1/2 neon light sugar
* 3 dl milk or milk/water
* 1 ell Italian season
* 2? 3 ells green olives
* 1/2 onions
* a couple naaldjes rosemary
* 1 ell olive oil
* 1 neon light salts

- Screen the flower in the bowl of the kitchen machine.

- Heat the milk to lauwwarm (40°C.). Snij the olives in bits and shred the onion. Make a dimple in flower and crumble the leaven. Scatter sugar and give approximately half of warm milk. Rudder it to there papje arises. Minutes let this way the 5 stand. Carefully it scatters salt and the kruiden in the outer edge of flower; it cannot come into contact direct with the leaven mixture.
- Twist late the machine. Joint during twisting oil, the olives and the onion. And so much from the remaining milk to there a smooth paste arises. The machine leaves as long as to twist to the paste no longer sticks to the bowl. Joint if necessary still what flower.
- Powder the working surface with what flower. The paste with the hands kneads still a couple minutes. Leg the paste in the bowl and leaves it, covered 20 minutes on a warm spot to rise. Powder the working surface with what flower kneads and the paste once again well by.
- The bread can. Form the role of the paste and leg which in the baking tin. Press in the paste still what of the onion shredded. 3 quarters let the paste rise. The paste must at least in volume have doubled. The furnace 10 heats minutes for on 240°C. pours flat for baking bread a soupçon water on the beschermplaat in the furnace or and puts a bucket warm water. The can on a grating places something under the middle of the preheated furnace. Barge it bread in 25 up to 30 minutes done.
- It covers bread 5 minutes before the end of the barge time with what water or milk. Because of this a glowing crust arises. Check if it bread is done there putting in satépen; those must end up there clean. Bread is done as the hol sounds, when you tap. Let cool down on a grating.
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